Official Kandy Podcast

Kandy Pod Episode 5 Talk Bitcoin, Cowboy - Cowgirl Up, Giggles Photo Shoots

November 25, 2020

The Official Kandy podcast returns with new topics and a special guest.

This week Kooch, Billy and Giggles welcome Beef to the Kandy pod.

The crew receives a bitcoin for dummies lesson from Beef, Giggles shares her cowgirl story, Kooch shares his Cowboy moment, and somehow Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom works it way into the podcast.

Plus a trip down memory lane recalls the Playboy Playmates of the Year who appeared in Kandy as well as the 6 Kandy girls who appeared in both of Kooch's magazines. Billy gives the gang an update on his band Sons on Fire and their Billboard charts Top 40 hit Faded, the intro and exit song of every Kandy podcast. Finally, Giggles wants more Kandy and the crew attempts to guess all the photographers Jessica Hall shot with for Kandy. 

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