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Kandy Podcast Talking Bitcoin, Doge, Blockchain, NFTs, Ethereum, Coinbase and Kandy Jeopardy

April 22, 2021

Kooch, Billy, and Giggles are joined this week by Beef as the Kandy gang dives into crypto lunacy and talk Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum, Coinbase, Blockchain and NFTs. Then, Laurie and Beef square off in a new round of Kandy jeopardy where the Kandy girls answers include

  • DJ LC
  • DJ Amie Rose
  • An Australian Kandy girl with royal blood
  • Sunset Blonde
  • Caitlin O'Connor
  • Jennifer Irene
  • Hiromi Oshima
  • Stacey Hayes
  • Jessica Hall
  • Molly Shea
  • Ashley Massaro
  • Morgan Hollie

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