Official Kandy Podcast

NHRA Drag Racer Angie Smith Drag Racing Scoops

April 17, 2021

Angie Smith returns to the Official Kandy Podcast and brings us up to date on the world of NHRA Drag Racing. Angie gives her unfiltered opinions on the competition and NHRA rules. Drag racing fans will want to listen to this unfiltered interview you won't hear on Fox Sports 1. 

Plus, Giggles aka Laurie Young talks about her upcoming Kandy photo shoot where she will recreate supermodel Rachel Hunter's famous red bikini scene in the music video Stacy's Mom. Laurie receives fan mail from an unexpected a location. 

Finally, the crew takes a walk through memory lane and recalls the legendary Kandy Heels and Horsepower party at The Sayers Club in Las Vegas, the night before the NHRA Vegas race.

Music Faded by Sons on Fire

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